The Kids


A fierce german shepherd who will rip you to shreds, if she ever stopped being such a dippy doodle. Trained well to listen (except when in pursuit of a squirrel), Samantha loves to be with the pack, taking walks and snoring as loud as her dad.



A little princess, Jasmine loves fluffing and demanding attention. She is also a lap whore and is one of our original Vegas kitties which is why we keep her around (or is it she keeps us around?). Either way she’s Daddy’s little girl.



Should own a motorcycle. Likes making Samantha quiver with fear. Found under a step and has been mouthy since day one. (she does have the ability to be cute & cuddly but don’t tell anyone)



Previous life was a stoner. Fluffy, grey and chill, Rugger likes nothing better than to sleep, in all sorts of odd positions.


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