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Three Rules to Follow

#1. I am always right. Well, maybe not always, but 99% of the time, especially when it comes to where NOT to take the RV.

#2 Always check for wind advisories.

#3 Don’t assume everyone does warranty work with the warranty you have.

So rule #1 came about when we were leaving LaGrange, heading toward Oxford, Alabama to get new tires and some work done on the RV. I noticed the Jeep was really low on gas, so I called Keith and let him know I needed to stop. The next Chevron station was ahead, but I let him know it had steep entry/exits so he should either keep driving & I will catch up, or hang out in the Walmart parking lot that was a 1/2 mile down the road. So what does Keith do?  Why – he pulls in to the tiny corner gas station with impressively graded entry points of course. Keith figured it wouldn’t be a big deal. I (correctly) assumed it would. I gassed up, he pulls out and CRUNCH SCREECH STOP. The hitch was now imbedded into the gravel. Keith, now being halfway out of the lot, is blocking traffic. Shit. Next thought: I think I might just kill him.

I hop out of the Jeep and go to the front of the motorhome and start directing traffic around it. I may not look too imposing, but when I put up my hand to tell the cars to stop, they stopped. When I said go, they went. Maybe they saw the expression on my face. We left the key to the hitch at home, so there was no unlocking it from the RV to see if that helped.  Keith tries to back up and spins the tires – goes nowhere. The storm cloud over my head darkens. He then decides to just drive though it. That works, but leaves a lovely gouge in the pavement. Next thought: What is considered justifiable homicide?  I went back to the Jeep, grabbed my purse and went into the store to tell someone there what had happened. The owner took a look, and decided it wasn’t nearly as bad as I described. No property damage report. No damage to the RV and tbd on the hitch. If you ask me it looks a tad wonky.

I called Keith and asked him where he was and he had wisely kept driving towards our final destination. With time to cool down, the entire incident was summed up in one sentence: ‘We won’t last a week fulltiming if this is going to be the norm’.  At least now he realizes what the RV cannot do – and what drives me batty. 🙂

Rule #2. Wind Advisories and high profile RV’s do not mix. I know, duh. But we really are not in the habit of checking weather when we drive somewhere – at least not as religiously as we need to be. So while this part was a little less dramatic – Keith swayed some, and hit some gusts, we still learned a lesson. On the plus side, it wasn’t HORRIBLE driving in 15-25 mph winds with gusts to 35, but it’s not what we would call ideal.

Rule #3. Another bit of  a duh moment. When we bought the RV, the owners were nice enough to let us know there is an extended warranty and provided us the transfer paperwork. We read over the info & it said to take the RV to authorized service center. Ok, we can do that. So when we decided to put on new tires, we passed long a list of items we were having issues with. Our generator cuts off if you turn on a light, the awning doesn’t stay extended, some lights do not work (and a bulb change didn’t do anything), a leak in the hydraulic jacks — good stuff like that. Anyway, we have no problems while we are chatting with the guy about the work order, and then I mention we do have a warranty. “Oh, well do you know who it is with? Because we don’t work will all warranty companies.” Crap. It ended okay, with it being one of the approved ones, but we didn’t even think about it. We aren’t really big warranty people – so it didn’t even occur to us. Now it will.

I am sure we will have an abundance of ‘rules to follow’ as we get more involved in RVing and definitely when we fulltime. I am sure we will run into situations that will have me steaming with rage. (luckily in my old age I don’t get nearly as angry, as long!) It’s all part of the fun of doing something new & different. Right?