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An Amazing Blog that Puts IT In Perspective

I still keep up with my local news. By local, I mean Rochester, NY. I wrote a food news column for Rochester City Newspaper (one of the best alternative papers IMHO), and I still read the Democrat and Chronicle.  I say it’s because I still work for a local company, but mostly it’s because Rochester is a really cool place. We just couldn’t get past the 6 months of winter. Anyway – perusing the articles of today, I ran across this article that was centered around this inspiring blog. I started with the first post and throughout the day, have finally caught up. It makes me appreciate our decision even more to do what we want, when we want – even though it is going to be challenging to live a life on the road. I wish only the best for you Bret, and your slogans of ‘ Today is My Best Day ‘ and ‘Ride in a Good Direction ‘ will be forever etched in my brain. Happy Trails for as long as you can.


The Inside of the Fleetwood

The ‘long-awaited’ pictures of the inside. There were a few reasons we liked this over the millions we saw online and the ones we saw on the various lots. One – the cherry finish. Not that I have anything against oak, but I like the deep cherry color better. Two: the lack of what we consider obnoxious patterns. Oh, there is still a pattern but it doesn’t pop as some others do. Three: No blue or pink. Four: Stainless accents rather than brass. Five: Leather couches instead of cloth (although with animals, white will be a special challenge and we may have to cover them anyway). Six: With the slides in, you can still walk through the entire coach & get to the bathroom! 🙂

This first picture isn’t the greatest, but I totally love where Samantha is – I have a feeling that will be a regular spot for sure. This is a view from mid RV – fold out couch to your left, navigation area in the front with seats that swivel around and the chair by the entry.








Here is a view of the kitchen area. Good size fridge, double burner stove, convection microwave oven – nice double sink.  Another thing we liked was the padded ceiling the RV had. The only big thing missing for me is an island – 5th wheels we looked at had them and most of the homes we have owned have them but it doesn’t seem super common in class A’s. No room to put one so I guess I will live!









Here is a wider view of the RV. We both really liked the ‘hallway’ back to the master (which allows a private bath) and the windows that go along with it. I would have preferred a normal table and chairs, but will also appreciate the storage the bench seating provides. The curio cabinet in the middle has a leaf that lifts up providing more counter space, and we will probably use the glass shelves for our bar glasses, pyrex and other nicer looking kitchen items. No room for ‘decor’ here.









A shot of the bedroom with the slide out. Bedroom has a queen size bed, storage underneath and a wall of hanging & drawer space.  We still won’t discuss the current closet space versus the RV space and what we are going to do about the clothes issue.











A view of the other side of the bedroom area with more drawers and a sort of desk.













After cleaning it out yesterday, we have moved some things in and will continue to do so…I will update pictures when it feels more like ‘home’. I am still trying to figure out where to hang a painting or two!