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The Joys of a Warm Weekend

We had a great weekend buying stuff for the RV on Saturday, and just generally figuring things out on Sunday. A few things we bought just didn’t work out. We were thinking about trying to cover the couch and found one in Target on clearance for only 20 bucks. While the color matched and the fabric was nice, it looked, well, like crap. So we are back to finding nicer blankets to help protect the fabric from our older hurl monsters (aka cats). We thought we found two duvet covers that will match, but only one worked. We did find new throw runners that match our accent pillows. The sellers left throw rugs, but especially around the stairs, we didn’t really like the way they were working. I am sure we will re-purpose them somehow! We went with one single runner on the stairs, versus many smaller rugs making it less likely I will trip and fall. That’s an injury & surgery I would rather not repeat.

On Sunday we put together the outdoor kitchen and just generally enjoyed the warmer weather that is finally here. That sucker is super heavy, but we can totally see how beneficial it might be. We both enjoy cooking and the RV compact kitchen is one of the lingering concerns. There is hardly enough room to prep, much less put together more than a one pot meal. Now, obviously we will see when we start using it, but the nice thing about the outdoors kitchen is a lot of prep space, and room for our small propane grill. Our shakedown trips will help us determine if it’s worth the space & weight.

We also removed the small tv that was set up on the outside in one of the storage bays.  We both found it amazing that there were 3 tv’s in a small RV. While we appreciate TV, as we roll into a more focused life, we just don’t need 3 of them. In our largest house of 3700 square feet, we only had two televisions, so the fact that there were 3 in about 300 square feet..well…at least one had to go! We do currently have a 42” tv that might end up in the bay since it won’t fit where the current main tv is in the RV, but we’ll see. We liked the idea of watching football outside during the season, but it’s another thing on our TBD list.

What was amazing was how well it was ratcheted in. With all of the keys the sellers provided, none of them fit the lock the tv was mounted on. So we had to do it the hard way! The bolts were probably 6 inches long,went through 3 courses of wood, a bunch of spacers and went through the storage bay on the bottom. It took some work to get out, but this small little sucker weighed 65 pounds, on the side that was already too heavy. Keith put it out on the side of the road & it was gone well before trash time today. I hope someone gets some use out of it!