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Still Waiting…

and this waiting is rather painful I must say. We are both SOOO excited to start this adventure that we want the RV NOW, like yesterday even. 😉 We are now waiting on the sellers as they have requested to speak to the bank. Hopefully it is something simple and not something that will further delay or derail this purchase. Our rate is only good for 30 days and we are already insuring something we don’t yet own. Sigh. Patience, grasshopper and all that.

This weekend we took a few trips to satisfy our antsy start to RVing. We went to a Camping World in Anniston Alabama, which is about an hour & a half drive. It was a nice sunny day, although still wicked chilly for the south. We brought Samantha and loved that we could bring her into the store. Funny side note. When we come back from places, Samantha always sniffs us and acts like we have had the BIGGEST MOST EXCITING TRIP EVER. She doesn’t realize how boring most of our ‘trips’ are. She was still a great dog in the store, but kept looking at us like, really – is this all we are going to do? Walk up & down aisles of stuff that smells like plastic?

On the way back we drove down some of the scenic road in Talladega National Forest. There were some beautiful winter views and we hope to get back this way to camp during our shake down period.

The next day we decided to drive to Atlanta – we sold our elliptical, dropped off a bunch of CD’s to sell and then just generally wandered through The Container Store, Ikea and REI making lists in our head of what might work, or might not work in our new lifestyle. While we have a tremendous amount of stuff that will transfer just fine to on-the-road living, we have never had to make excellent use of every last bit of space. Most of our purchases will center around organization (and of course a little decorating as well!)

So, still no announcement on the rig and we are rather bummed about that. But we do hope soon!