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Water Leakage = Happy Friday!

So it seems ‘it’s always something’ will be a theme. It sure is as we prep for our fulltiming journey, and from the sounds of other people already living the lifestyle, it will continue to be. I will say, at least the RV made it through the storm better than our rental place!

A insanely strong storm barreled through Georgia around 4am – loud enough to wake both of us up and freak out our dog (who usually isn’t bad at all during storms) We both looked out at the RV, which we still haven’t moved back under the pole barn and wondered how much of a mess we were going to find. Turns out, not too bad, but unfortunately not leak free.

First – the rental: The rental roof (which is a tin roof) has some serious issues. Luckily it missed our dining room table & leather dining chairs, but managed to make a huge puddle. Me, on my way to my office, stepped in the leakage and thought it was the dog. She doesn’t really like ‘getting busy’ in the rain and while she’s only had one or two accidents, when I step into a puddle pre-coffee, thoughts automatically go to the dog! Luckily I didn’t yell at her (as I wasn’t totally sure) but she definitely went out side as I was starting to clean up. Keith got up to help and get the ammonia so I could log in on time to work. A few minutes later, he confirmed it was a roof leak (since it was still dripping!) and not a Sammie accident. Whew that’s good (and bad – the last rental we had down here it literally took them 4 months to get a leak fixed and only after we said a lawyer and rent payment withholding is next..) Let’s hope it’s not the case for this rental (and our experience so far has been very positive). We’ve always owned our homes and while we are super glad we didn’t buy in this city, renting can be a real frustrating experience!

Next up was checking out the motorhome. I was really hoping for no leaks so we didn’t have to add another item on to our ever-growing fix it list. We did find two leaks, and they don’t seem too bad. They will, however, need to be addressed. One is the skylight in the bathroom over the shower. Skylights in a home are a popular leak spot and I didn’t really figure it would be any different in an RV. We’ll have to take that apart and see how big that issue is. The other leak is the window by the couch. For the ferocity of the rain, this still wasn’t bad – but it is something we’re putting on the list. The roof seams all seemed okay, and all of the other windows seemed fine so it could be a lot worse.

Are we having fun yet? 🙂 At least it is Friday.


Houston, we have a leveling problem

We can’t get our hydraulic jacks to work – at least not work the way we expect (which admittedly could very well be the problem.) Keith put out a post on the forum irv2, which has been extremely helpful so far. It’s a forum where I see very little belittling or flaming which is rather nice. Our problem is two fold. One- it’s leaking fluids something fierce which doesn’t seem normal to us. Two- the level never reads level, even after we auto (or manually) try to level. It gives us a bright green level happy dance, but doesn’t even read close to level. We’ve stuck boards underneath trying to help it out, but it just doesn’t read level no matter what we do. Also, a rear jack doesn’t seem to extend at all and in order to operate the slides – we kinda need a level coach. We did buy some Fluid Film as we heard it’s like WD40 on steroids, but the problem seems to be a bit beyond a spray can. So the first trip in RV is going to be to a shop most likely instead of a park. Ah well.

Yesterday was my year anniversary of breaking my leg derby style. I had the brilliant idea of a great way to get in shape – roller derby! Lots of work, exercise, competitive – oh, and I get to hit girls. My kind of work out. 🙂 What happened in a nutshell: Tricia likes derby, buys new skates. First time Tricia puts on speed skates with no ankle support Tricia breaks leg. Tricia goes to hospital and has a doctor that looks like a cross between McDreamy & McSteamy. Tricia is told not only did she break her leg badly, she has severe tissue damage. Tricia has surgery and now sports a foot long sexy scar.  Tricia does not walk for 4 months and finds out Keith is an awesome nurse. Tricia starts to call the doctor McCranky because he continues to not let her walk. Tricia has months of PT. Tricia has another surgery. Tricia swells.

Okay – enough of me in the 3rd person but that was my life last year, although with a lot more swearing and better drugs. The good news is, last week I finally was able to join a gym and start working out again. The bad news is, my skating & character shoe theatre days may be over. We’ll see – the ankle actually works well even through the scar tissue, its the foot that is still giving me problems. I am very happy that I can walk – and look forward to being more active again. I am also glad that downsizing and living in an RV provides no room for heels that I might keep, but still can’t wear!