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BaseCamp for Mac – Geocaching Software

So now that I can walk again, we want to get back into geocaching. We started geocaching back in 2002 when it was still ‘new’ and have continued to do it in spurts. We’ve cached in Hawaii, Bermuda, Kiribati & across the US.  Geocaching is a perfect blend of geeky & outdoors – which makes it perfect for us! Keith always liked to just wander, while I am more ‘goal orientated’. Just walk for 5 miles, I might pass depending on the scenery. Walk because there is a moldy ammo can that I can mark as found – HECK YEAH. When we first started, it was a process to map caches and plan routes. We used several free programs (easyGPS was one of our favorites) to make this process quick & easy.

Last year we upgraded to Mac’s, so all of the solutions we had for downloading waypoints & mapping became obsolete. While we can always run a windows VM, I would prefer to not. Back in January, the weather broke here in Georgia & we wanted to geocache. Of course, we it was then we realized we had to hand enter waypoints. That dimmed our enthusiasm. We put on our to-do list to find a Mac Solution.  Today it is beautiful and we both thought – PERFECT day for geocaching! oh crap. We didn’t find any solutions. Undaunted, we consulted google & sure enough, an updated release of BaseCamp for Mac by Garmin was recently released.

First Thoughts:

–  Keith is still annoyed at how Garmin sets up their interface due to little things that should make it easier (integration & menu building) Time will tell if it will be worth the potential frustration.

– Love that our GPS was recognized with no issue (we have a GPSMap60)

– Love that it designates between found & not found on the map

– Love that the ‘breadcrumbs’ of your path show up on the map


This software is in beta, but we are happy to try & it out and report any bugs/issues we may find. Even a semi-frustrating program beats hand entering waypoints (well, at least for us) We will also try out the geocaching app we have on the iphone now that we have just upgraded to iphone4. The accuracy of the internal GPS is supposed to be a million times better.

Now, on to some geocaching!


Keepio Featured Our Table!

As you may have guessed by now, we have a tremendous amount of shit. Really, almost sadly impressive for two people. We downsized before moving to Georgia from NY. We then downsized before moving to ‘the farm’ by having two garage sales, selling some items on craigslist and then donating two bedroom sets, an executive desk, and probably 9-10 boxes chock full of crap. I also sold my motorcycle, although that was more injury related versus wanting to get rid of it. Sadly, we need to downsize ALOT more before we can move into our RV & take off.

My plan was to slowly start an inventory, make it public and see what rolls in (or better yet, out). We are unfortunately in a smaller town too far away to get ATL traffic, but I still think it’s a good way to have multiple pictures, information and hopefully less spam than craigslist. Like our garage sales, most people didn’t just buy one thing and I am hoping a comprehensive list might help spur multiple sales. Ultimately, we are totally cool with donating again but since we have this entire year – we might as well see what happens.

I searched the web and found several sites however I went with Keepio for a few reasons. One, you can keep your postings private – a neat way to digitize your collections. Also a nice way for me to put it online, but not yet put it up for sale if we are actively using it. Two, you can post only to a friend network – much like using facebook to sell your stuff in a way. If we were still in Rochester where we knew a lot of people, I would probably use this feature. A nice way to give your friends a heads up you are getting rid of something before the general public can buy it. Three – the public aspect. My plan is to put a few more items up, and then post a flyer at my local gym. Maybe someone will really like my china, but then also really need to buy a chair I have up. I just started it, and it needs a lot more items posted (oh, and we have them!) Most likely the smaller items I will just donate – I personally don’t want people coming over to buy a $5 item. But to get rid of some larger items – we will just see how this works!

The Blog Post From Keepio

Thanks for putting up our table (with the darn moving sticker still attached!)

Hi sellers and the joy of evernote

We think it’s super cool that the sellers of the RV are reading our blog. We shared the link when we picked her up since one of the reasons the sellers were getting rid of the Pace Arrow was they just weren’t using her enough. The last post I ran through some of the issues we were encountering and they were nice enough to drop a line. The black tank is not completely full of nasty, but rather water & chemicals to reduce the stink. (waste still creeps me out regardless) The other items were just mentioned because, well we found them – the big thing we are concerned with is some of the lights not working at all. We have her plugged into power in the pole barn, but we aren’t completely sure if it is enough to feed the power to all lights. A lot of this is a learning experience so Mark & Lisa, when we complain about something, please don’t take it to heart – I am going to chalk 99% of it to newbie ignorance and/or the joys of owing a 7 year old RV. 🙂

Still in the planning and researching phase of our trips and I am using a free tool that I am growing to like. Evernote is an app that works like a big brain dump – that is searchable. I use several different browsers and bookmarking site just isn’t cutting it any longer. When I want to return to a site, I can’t remember in what browser I was in and to open all three is time consuming. Plus, I was never good at organizing my links to begin with. So it’s becoming a great repository of links and notes. One of the things Keith & I like the best is the ability to share notes back & forth. No more emailing a link – we just sync up evernote.

Not much else is happening in our RV life except we both look longingly at it – Keith when he goes to work and myself at lunch. This weekend we hope to have warm enough weather to calibrate the levels, and continue the quest to organize!

How to make more waiting interesting to read about…

…is tough. So I haven’t really written about how we are STILL waiting to find out if the check cleared the sellers account, because what is really exciting about that? The check was sent out Thursday, and should have arrived Friday – I can totally understand why the sellers want to wait until they see a zero balance before handing the motorhome over, but this waiting is KILLING us. A few days ago we wandered through Walmart and picked up a few things for our new rig – a new Corelle dish set, a stowable strainer, a small garbage can that has a lid & a cleanable insert. Exciting stuff I know. We are also trying to figure out what we want to do about a rug, potentially curtains and a mountain of other things but we need to measure. And to measure, we need the RV. And to get the RV, we need the check to clear.  And there you have it.

Oh what timing…Keith’s phone just rang. The sellers have indicated no zero balance so they want to call the bank…which means Monday. boo. Guess we’ll be taking a vacation day sometime this week to get it!

It was a beautiful day here in Georgia so we decided to geocache. Then we remembered we haven’t geocached in over a year since I broke my leg & had a few surgeries…and we have ditched PC’s and transitioned to Macs. Which meant how we used to transfer waypoints didn’t work and we didn’t want to waste a beautiful day figuring it out (and hand entering…is painful!) So we abandoned that idea and decided to just take Samantha and drive around. I got Keith hooked on WAZE, so we blazed a few new roads and visited a few parks along West Point Lake. On the Alabama side they have a year-round campground which seems like a perfect close weekend getaway as one of our smaller shakedown trips.

Here’s to more waiting…

The Project Plan is in Motion Thanks to Tom

I mentioned previously we were going to try and find a free online project planning tool to help us along in our aggressive plan to be fulltime ready by 12/2011. I hinted that we might use google sites but found that it wasn’t really what we were looking for. I am a very visual planner, as is Keith so we really wanted to see where we were at, ensure dependencies were noted and met, and use a simple format that allowed color coding. Oh, and we really wanted it to be free.

Introducing Tom’s Planner, which utilizes Gantt charts and easy drag and drop functionality to get you organized. We just starting inputting tasks today but already like the simplicity of the tool. Our hope is to be able to publish where we are at on this blog, but that is research for another day. Less than five minutes in the half Jets-Steelers and it’s time to pay close attention to see who is playing the Packers in the Superbowl.

Nothing like project planning in between watching football!