The Geeks

We both will be writing in this RV travel blog. Keith will be focusing on the more technical aspects of RV & motorhome maintenance and figuring out how to be a first time RV-er successfully. Tricia will provide the more day to day conversation, especially when we get on the road, along with pictures and Twitter updates. We can be reached at geekyexplorers(at)gmail(dot)com.



Was a geek before geeks were cool, but is loving the positive attention now. Enjoys the puzzles and frustrations of computer security and has a knack for explaining it to non technical people. Has an obsession with tools and not throwing things out. Loves hurling sharp objects(be careful where you stand).


Davinci of breaking shit, especially when it comes to code.  Loves technology and despises the edge network. Does geeky things like geocaching and is obsessed with satellite and street views on google maps. When not in front of her laptop cursing bandwidth, she pursues her geeky love of theatre.


4 responses to “The Geeks

  • Jillian

    Just found your blog, great site! We’ve just returned from an RTW, but we’re dying to do a big camping road trip across the U.S. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures. Thanks for all the details!

  • JourneyToUs

    Hi there — so great to have found other geeky explorers out there! We are about to get started on a cross-country trip in our effort to become location-independent. We will be watching your travels and website with interest!

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