Flashback Trip – Bermuda

Bermuda is not a cheap option if you are looking for an island getaway, but it is a trip I will remember for the rest of my life. It was a fantastic blend of laid back island life, and buttoned up conservativeness. It had amazing views, amazing forts, amazing ferries, amazing colors Wood Door and an amazing dark & stormy drink we are still trying to recreate to this day.

We went to Bermuda in November 2007, mostly because I found a great deal on airfare. The weather was far from a hot island paradise, but it made travel more affordable because it was during the off season. We never had to worry about dinner reservations, or crowded streets. So while it didn’t allow for any sunbathing, we found it to be a perfect time of year to go. We stayed a week which gave us plenty of time for relaxing, and touring the island from end to end. We used public transportation, which was an easy way to get around (and safer – some of those windy streets driving on the ‘other’ side of the road…not sure if we would have survived) and we ended up walking quite a bit. Walk in BermudaWalking was extra enjoyable here because there were views to be seen. Whether it was the amazing roof structures that collect water, to the forts and churches, to the vast ocean, there was always something that caught our attention.

We stayed near Surfside Beach which put us on the quiet side of the island – which was perfect. We were also upgraded to a two bedroom suite with a kitchen and unblocked views of the ocean from our balcony.View from Balcony (one of the great things about being a previous hotel employee, you know what it’s like behind that desk and you are often rewarded for your kindness and understanding) We spent time at Horseshoe Bay where I caught some great shots. I still say, the ‘pink’ sand wasn’t nearly as pink as I had been led to believe (darn marketers!). It was still gorgeous scenery and the tinge of pink was still incredible. Horseshoe BayWe spent time in Hamilton walking around the town and visiting Fort Hamilton. There we were rewarded with a cool jungle moat, and a great fort to explore and tour.Beautiful Garden Moat We had a ridiculously priced lunch because I was dying for a Rockfish dish we saw on a restaurant menu – so we decided to spring for it. The only other diner in the place happened to be none other than Micheal Douglas. We cost our server a bet and got a compliment all at the same time. Apparently since we weren’t celebrity crazy, rude, or loud she determined we were Canadians, so we were glad to challenge her stereotype. She stopped just short of demanding our passports in her surprise.

We took a ferry from Hamilton to the Dockyard, and while we discovered some neat architecture, we found it to be a little too touristy for our liking. Clock TowerOne of our favorite days was when we decided to walk from the city of St. George, to Fort St. Catherine. It was nice to roam the streets, taking in the amazing Unfinished Church,Unfinished Church Bermuda and then see the views from Fort. St Catherine. We also were treated to amazing views from Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse – well worth the hike up the stairs! View from Gibbs LighthouseWe also experienced Johnny Barnes, a gentleman that waves to passerby’s 5 days a week, just spreading joy. It was amazing how getting that wave made the trip not only extra worth it, but complete.

I was quite enchanted with Bermuda. It is far from your ‘typical’ island stop, and that is exactly the reason to visit.


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