Card Munch App for the Iphone

As we continue to look around at the vast amount of stuff we need to figure out what to do with, I always look first to see ‘if there’s an app for that’. The latest find, Card Munch, is an excellent app and website that provides storage for business cards. Keith in particular has a stack due to his job – meeting with security vendors and recruiters has a tendency for cards to pile up. The thought of hand entering the information was daunting, so as he was cleaning out his room last night, he assumed he would be throwing out the majority of them. But wait – there’s an app for that (and it’s FREE!) Oh, and to be completely geeky, I ‘bumped‘ the app to Keith after I downloaded it- another very cool app out there that I hope to use more when sharing info.

Card Munch is this simple:

(sign up)

Take a picture of the business card in the app

It is hand verified to ensure the information is copied correctly

It then shows up as a contact in this app. What is awesome is you still have the image of the card attached, and can even slide through them similar to itunes & album art. You can call and email the contact as well. Brilliant.

So, if you are thinking of downsizing, or already on the road wondering where to store all the business cards of people you meet – there’s an app for that! (iphone only, although it does indicate blackberry should be coming soon)


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2 responses to “Card Munch App for the Iphone

  • Brenda

    Hi Tricia…fellow Rochesterian here. This post got me thinking. David and I use Android phones, the HTC Thunderbolt. I was wondering if their would be a similar app for the Android devices. Upon looking it up…low and behold….their it was, CamCard Lite. So David is now happily taking pictures of all his business cards so all the contacts are in his phone.

    So for those of you out their reading this that have Android phones, there’s an app for that!

    On a side note…yes…Bump is an awesome app too. We got hooked on that a while ago from his sister’s suggestion.

    • geekyexplorers

      awesome! Glad you found an app that works on your phone os! I imagine David has the same silly grin as Keith….I’ve known about bump for awhile, but we kept debating what we were going to do phone-wise so we were stuck with the iphone3 until last week! It’s nice to have a phone with some pizazz again. 🙂

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