BaseCamp for Mac – Geocaching Software

So now that I can walk again, we want to get back into geocaching. We started geocaching back in 2002 when it was still ‘new’ and have continued to do it in spurts. We’ve cached in Hawaii, Bermuda, Kiribati & across the US.  Geocaching is a perfect blend of geeky & outdoors – which makes it perfect for us! Keith always liked to just wander, while I am more ‘goal orientated’. Just walk for 5 miles, I might pass depending on the scenery. Walk because there is a moldy ammo can that I can mark as found – HECK YEAH. When we first started, it was a process to map caches and plan routes. We used several free programs (easyGPS was one of our favorites) to make this process quick & easy.

Last year we upgraded to Mac’s, so all of the solutions we had for downloading waypoints & mapping became obsolete. While we can always run a windows VM, I would prefer to not. Back in January, the weather broke here in Georgia & we wanted to geocache. Of course, we it was then we realized we had to hand enter waypoints. That dimmed our enthusiasm. We put on our to-do list to find a Mac Solution.  Today it is beautiful and we both thought – PERFECT day for geocaching! oh crap. We didn’t find any solutions. Undaunted, we consulted google & sure enough, an updated release of BaseCamp for Mac by Garmin was recently released.

First Thoughts:

–  Keith is still annoyed at how Garmin sets up their interface due to little things that should make it easier (integration & menu building) Time will tell if it will be worth the potential frustration.

– Love that our GPS was recognized with no issue (we have a GPSMap60)

– Love that it designates between found & not found on the map

– Love that the ‘breadcrumbs’ of your path show up on the map


This software is in beta, but we are happy to try & it out and report any bugs/issues we may find. Even a semi-frustrating program beats hand entering waypoints (well, at least for us) We will also try out the geocaching app we have on the iphone now that we have just upgraded to iphone4. The accuracy of the internal GPS is supposed to be a million times better.

Now, on to some geocaching!


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