Flashback Trip – Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, North Carolina & The Atlantic Ocean

We drove down from Rochester, NY to visit Raleigh, NC the summer of 2009. We were partly thinking of it as a potential relocation area (note to self – it would have been better than Columbus, Georgia), and partly just needed to get out of dodge. This was the first long trip that we brought Samantha and she was awesome(no big surprise there!). We could tell her hips started to tire if we made too many stops so we started looking for curbs the rest of the week to park at to help make the jump into the back of the Jeep not so bad. When we RV, we plan on getting a ramp to see if she will use that. But anyway – onto the trip!

The area was really nice with a lot to do outside, which we appreciated having Samantha. We actually found that we liked Durham a little bit more – a little grittier and maybe coming from Rochester we gravitated towards that. Durham had places like the American Tobacco Historic District, where old tobacco plants were re-purposed into offices, restaurants and entertainment. The ball park for the Durham Bulls was also right in that area. I really love seeing places like this – it gives a opportunity to walk the grounds of a different era and I love when older buildings are used instead of abandoned and left to rot. I understand the huge expense and undertaking – but it’s appreciated!

We also spent some time wandering around the campus of Chapel Hill, which first opened its doors in 1795. It really is an amazingly beautiful campus – the kind you see in movies with towering trees and lush lawns. The surrounding streets were rather nice for a college town, with stores and restaurants abound. There were cool art sculptures around but one of the coolest ‘exhibits’ I saw was on a lightpole.

We also walked around the city of Raleigh, taking in the downtown area.  It was clean and comfortable and Samantha liked the exercise, but there wasn’t much there to really catch our attention. Maybe we just missed some good stuff.

Since we were so close to the Atlantic, we had to fit in some beach time. We exercised our 4 wheel drive and drove on some seriously soft sand to a place where you could barely see any others. THIS is what a beach should be like. Warm, sandy & quiet – except the pesky (but seriously cool) bi-plane that kept flying by. 🙂 It was a great day and Samantha enjoyed her first beach time – still without swimming of course.


We also got to visit family, which is always nice. Now that there is another little one, I am sure we will make our way back to this area soon.


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