Flashback Trip – Parkersburg, West Virginia

When we are not traveling, I am going to try to post a ‘Flashback Trip’ once a week. We have been so many places before buying an RV, that this might give people a chance to learn a little more about us –  What we like to see, do and find interesting when traversing the globe. Today I am going to wax poetic about West Virginia. West Virginia is a beautiful, beautiful state filled with impressive mountains, lush views, and winding rivers. We lived in Charles Town for 2 years (when we thought a 1.5 hour commute one way into VA & MD was ok).  In September of 2004, we decide to weave around the state of West Virginia, staying at a few B & B’s along the way. Even with the tropical storm that blew through, we were blown away by the beauty – but of all the towns my favorite was Parkersburg. I am an old house junkie, as is Keith. We like them for the architecture, the attention to detail and just the grandness they portray. Parkersburg, situated at the confluence of the Ohio and Little Kanawha River, suffered from a horrible flood when we were there, but we were still able to geocache, and do a lot of walking around while staying away from the areas that were flooding. We missed the antique stores because of this flood, but got to walk around neighborhoods featuring amazing houses like Julia Ann Square.  We even got to tour a house that was under renovation – people were that friendly! This is just what I imagined a small river town to be – although Parkersburg does have an interesting divide between historical and, well, not. As always when you are traveling, you don’t get to see everything. We missed out on the Fenton glass tour in nearby Williamstown, but that just gives us incentive to head back this way someday.



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