The Dangers of a Tick Bite

It has already happened, well before we head out to the wilderness and brave the wild world of nature. Keith was bit by a tick. It isn’t the first time, as when we where living in WV it happened, but it is the first time a doctor visit was required. (ok, technically the first time should have required a doc appt to make sure but I didn’t win that argument!)

We are currently renting a place that has a 100 acres, which means plenty of walking in taller grasses and around the ponds where a ton of animals & deer hang out. This equates to tick paradise and even though we do a ‘tick check’ on everyone after taking a walk, it’s no guarantee we got them all. As a precaution, I have also started to spray my ankles, pants and shoes with insect repellent, which should help. But back to the tick bite.

Something was bothering Keith’s back & he asked me to take a look. There was a huge red splotch and what looked like a dead bug. I didn’t even think about it being a tick (because it was dead and not engorged), and yanked it out. Well, that left some of the bug (tick) inside. After a few days, the rash did not diminish and seemed to get larger. I suggested Keith go to a doctor (which of course he declined). I know the best way to deal with these situations is to arm myself with facts, so out pops the laptop to read up on Lyme Disease. I know some of the symptoms are flu like conditions, which Keith wasn’t suffering from, but the rash was really bothering me.

I turned to The American Lyme Disease Foundation and began reading. Turns out, an expanding rash is one of the first symptoms. Keith made the doctor appointment. 😉 According to the doctor, there is no definitive test for Lyme Disease (?), so Keith will start a course of antibiotics to hopefully squash any other symptoms that might crop up. We’ll keep a watchful eye just in case, but it looks like the best thing that can be done is catch it early.

This is no way deters us from walking around the property, nor will it deter us from hiking trails wherever we travel. But it’s something that everyone should be aware of and to not delay in seeking a doctors opinion. Oh, and don’t go yanking out dead stuff out of your significant others body without taking an extra second to identify it. Just saying…



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