Second Shakedown RV trip to West Point Lake

Hello from chilly West Point Lake in Georgia. Yes, that is about 5 miles from our rental home. 🙂 We wanted to make one more short trip to test out the rest of the RV before we haul it in for new tires & some work. We stayed 2 nights instead of 1 which was nice – we actually had a relaxing Saturday! No wifi and no piles of stuff to sort, sell, etc. I think Samantha liked the break as well – no Great Pyrnees stalking her & her house, no cats to take care of, walks around the park – even if it does include a pesky leash. Everyone needs a little vacation!

Here is what we learned on this trip:

When making popcorn on the stove, vent the kitchen. The smoke alarm works.

When the coffee maker breaks, you can make coffee by boiling water on the stove with a tied up filter & some grounds. I don’t think it will ever be Starbucks approved, but it was drinkable!

Having a tow vehicle is a must – it was nice to drive into ‘town’ (West Point) even if there wasn’t much there to do but walk around. I am impressed that people travel without one!

The TV position wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be, so we will replace it with a flat screen. We watched Once, which we really liked. It’s nice to watch a film that doesn’t have a Hollywood ending and to watch a type of film where both of the previewed films (Waitress & The Namesake) are also now in the netflix queue.

Gray water tank needs to be about 80 times larger. Seriously! Okay, I know that this really means is we need to conserve water a lot better. By Sunday morning we didn’t even take showers yet and the tank reads ¾. Ouch! We do not use paper products, so a lot of it was dishwashing & cook prep. Not sure how this bodes for our boondocking opportunities, but time will tell. Another downside to a gas Class A that isn’t a fully equipped tank wise as some diesel pushers out there. We also found out what happens when the tank gets full. No more water. At least there is no confusion and chance for overflowing. 🙂

I also ran the Splendide washer/dryer and need to research how many gallons of water that takes. I am hoping that is what is pushing our gray water to a high level quickly! I found that this worked WAY better than expected. I did some reading and many people seem to have problems with clothes coming out super wrinkled & unwearable. I was thinking if that was to be the case, it wouldn’t be worth the weight. Well, I will have to give up the idea of only doing wash once a week, but my test load was yoga pants, a thin long sleeved hoodie, a tank top & some undies. Washed & dryed AWESOME with NO wrinkles. Now, I hope to be able to put a little more in but it seems like the key is not to stuff it with clothes. I am sure we will still have to hit the laundrymat but the less of that the better!

We ran into an issue with the propane not heating the water and having to use electric. Because we are 30 amp, we then had to do some switch flipping to use the microwave. Good times. The electric did heat the water, not sure yet why the propane didn’t. It seemed to fire so we are not quite sure on that one.

Speaking of microwave convection oven, my first attempt at brownies failed. I read the instructions, lowered the heat as indicated & they were a TOTAL fail. The tops were still good, but that’s was it! I decided to not follow the instructions when baking dinner, and it turned out perfect. Hmmmm…. I may have said this before, but if this is going to be my home, things we do at home have to transfer well here. I know there will be modifications, but still – we need to cook! So for dinner we made a grain mustard marinated tilapia, a spicy split pea and sauteed peppers. Okay, we cheated on the split pea since that was leftover from dinner on thursday that we made in the house, but still. We could bake in the convection oven & it worked, Keith used the outdoor kitchen for extra space and that seemed to work out. Now to figure out where our wine cellar goes…

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4 responses to “Second Shakedown RV trip to West Point Lake

  • Brent

    Glad the trip went well! As far as grey water goes I would look at the washer as the primary culprit, probably something that you will only want to use when you are on sewer. I personally would much rather have an extra freezer in the space where ours is. The loads are so small that it really doesn’t seem worth it and laundromats aren’t all that bad. Sometimes you get lucky and the CGs have facilities as well. Florida and Louisiana were pretty good about having laundry in the state parks.

    • geekyexplorers

      Thanks! The reading I did about the washer indicated it uses about 20 gallons(and that is the current model) so I agree – it might be a sewer only/just about to dump action. That is a lot of space to give up in the bathroom, but I also had traumatic experiences in laundry mats when I was young, poor & lived in Vegas. 🙂 I am sure we will use them, but at least for now, I like the option of doing laundry in the RV. Like most things, that might very well change when we are actual fulltiming!

  • Quay Po Cooks

    This sounds like an adventurous trip for you guys. I enjoyed reading your post.

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