An Amazing Blog that Puts IT In Perspective

I still keep up with my local news. By local, I mean Rochester, NY. I wrote a food news column for Rochester City Newspaper (one of the best alternative papers IMHO), and I still read the Democrat and Chronicle.  I say it’s because I still work for a local company, but mostly it’s because Rochester is a really cool place. We just couldn’t get past the 6 months of winter. Anyway – perusing the articles of today, I ran across this article that was centered around this inspiring blog. I started with the first post and throughout the day, have finally caught up. It makes me appreciate our decision even more to do what we want, when we want – even though it is going to be challenging to live a life on the road. I wish only the best for you Bret, and your slogans of ‘ Today is My Best Day ‘ and ‘Ride in a Good Direction ‘ will be forever etched in my brain. Happy Trails for as long as you can.


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