Campground Notes – Pine Mountain RVC

As this was our first trip in an RV, this review will be rather informal. They may stay that way, or I might explore some structure – items we look for to have the best experience possible. Since we are new, a flat spot rocks and makes us happy. We stayed in site 201 and liked being on an end spot. We also liked that they had a ‘curb’ on the hookup side, making it less likely to knock the utilities down.

Overall we found Pine Mountain RVC to have everything you would expect in a private park. They had a spacious guest check-in, where they also served coffee, wine and beer. They had two laundry rooms that we saw, and restrooms scattered throughout the park. Since we have an RV with a good sized bathroom & a washer/dryer combo, we didn’t pop our head in to check it out on our brief overnight stay. The majority of spots were pull through and I thought they were situated rather nicely, if mostly out in the open. There was a pool, playground, and horseshoe pit and while you couldn’t walk to any attractions, the park was a short drive to downtown pine mountain and the surrounding FDR park.

We paid $35 for one night,Ā  but compared to state parks and what they seem to offer, we may trend away from private places that are not closer to hiking trails. We did find the staff to be pleasant and helpful, and our surrounding neighbors friendly & quiet. We camped during the off season which I am sure contributed to the quiet! While we didn’t use it, there was a small fenced area for the dogs to run and also a spot to wash your TOAD. Based on our overnight & first time camping – we would return.

Please feel free to provide feedback on what you might like us to note in our reviews. Again, I am sure we will start becoming pretty particular once we frequent a few.


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2 responses to “Campground Notes – Pine Mountain RVC

  • Christy @ Technosyncratic

    We’ve found that decent wifi, a site w/ grass for our pup, and a little space between us and our neighbors rank the highest for us. šŸ™‚

    Also, some places use a bunch of little golf carts for their employees, which Koa HATES and barks incessantly at… so we try to avoid those!

    • geekyexplorers

      I can see how all three are important! We could have used some trees for shade – it will be interesting once we get in a spot that has them if it’s worth the mess they usually make!
      We are lucky, Samantha has decided that as long as the golf cart keeps moving, she doesn’t need to alert us. šŸ™‚

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