First Trip…

is going to be THIS Saturday! We’ll be headed over to Pine Mountain, Georgia for one night in a private campground. We were planning on FDR state park, but they have a two night minimum and really, we were just looking for an overnight to test things out to see if there are any other issues that need to be addressed. It will be interesting to see what works & doesn’t hooked up to power, figuring out how to hook up the sewer connection and of course taking Samantha along to see how she handles a house that MOVES. We are also trying to decide if we want to get into rating campgrounds so this will be a perfect time to scope one out, chill out with some tasty beverages and enjoy the beautiful weather that has finally arrived in Georgia.

The preparation starts…NOW! 🙂


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4 responses to “First Trip…

  • Jerry & Kimberly Peterson

    Isn’t it funny how some folks have a few tryout trips and others like us just get out there and just do it! Life is great when we all can do what is best for us. Reviewing is our passion, we love staying somewhere, trying new things, and then sharing them with our readers. Not always the case for everyone, but again, that is what makes this life so interesting, we all have our own dreams and plans to follow. Safe travels and good luck with the first voyage of many more.

    • geekyexplorers

      We would love to be one that sells everything & leaves as soon as we decided to do this…unfortunately a contract prevents us from doing that. (note to self, never have a company move you – oh wait – we’ll have an RV so we won’t be silly enough to sign that contract!) But yes, everyone has their own paths and passions and that is what makes people neat!

  • Veronica M. Klosiewski

    Hope the first trip goes well. Where is Pine Mt. it sounds familiar?? I’m sure Sammy will adjust to her house moving and stepping out into a new “world” when it stops! Sure wish Holly enjoyed traveling, she’s the perfect size.

    • geekyexplorers

      Thanks – we hope it will. Pine Mountain is about an hour south of ATL – it’s where you can find Roosevelt’s ‘Little White House’ and Callaway Gardens. I am sure Samantha will love it – she loves just about everything we do!

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