Keepio Featured Our Table!

As you may have guessed by now, we have a tremendous amount of shit. Really, almost sadly impressive for two people. We downsized before moving to Georgia from NY. We then downsized before moving to ‘the farm’ by having two garage sales, selling some items on craigslist and then donating two bedroom sets, an executive desk, and probably 9-10 boxes chock full of crap. I also sold my motorcycle, although that was more injury related versus wanting to get rid of it. Sadly, we need to downsize ALOT more before we can move into our RV & take off.

My plan was to slowly start an inventory, make it public and see what rolls in (or better yet, out). We are unfortunately in a smaller town too far away to get ATL traffic, but I still think it’s a good way to have multiple pictures, information and hopefully less spam than craigslist. Like our garage sales, most people didn’t just buy one thing and I am hoping a comprehensive list might help spur multiple sales. Ultimately, we are totally cool with donating again but since we have this entire year – we might as well see what happens.

I searched the web and found several sites however I went with Keepio for a few reasons. One, you can keep your postings private – a neat way to digitize your collections. Also a nice way for me to put it online, but not yet put it up for sale if we are actively using it. Two, you can post only to a friend network – much like using facebook to sell your stuff in a way. If we were still in Rochester where we knew a lot of people, I would probably use this feature. A nice way to give your friends a heads up you are getting rid of something before the general public can buy it. Three – the public aspect. My plan is to put a few more items up, and then post a flyer at my local gym. Maybe someone will really like my china, but then also really need to buy a chair I have up. I just started it, and it needs a lot more items posted (oh, and we have them!) Most likely the smaller items I will just donate – I personally don’t want people coming over to buy a $5 item. But to get rid of some larger items – we will just see how this works!

The Blog Post From Keepio

Thanks for putting up our table (with the darn moving sticker still attached!)


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4 responses to “Keepio Featured Our Table!

  • k8et

    Awesome – thanks for the scoop on Keepio. We have to do the same downsizing 😀
    (Sustainable Nomads)

  • geekyexplorers

    No Problem! Good luck on your downsizing – it’s going to be awesome & painful at the same time!

  • DaveP

    Hey thanks for the kind words! Glad you’re excited about the post and we hope it gets that table sold (minus the moving sticker). Sounds like a great adventure ahead, as well. Good luck with all of it – might we see a cool collection on Keepio of all the great roadside souvenirs you pick up during your travels?

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