Houston, we have a leveling problem

We can’t get our hydraulic jacks to work – at least not work the way we expect (which admittedly could very well be the problem.) Keith put out a post on the forum irv2, which has been extremely helpful so far. It’s a forum where I see very little belittling or flaming which is rather nice. Our problem is two fold. One- it’s leaking fluids something fierce which doesn’t seem normal to us. Two- the level never reads level, even after we auto (or manually) try to level. It gives us a bright green level happy dance, but doesn’t even read close to level. We’ve stuck boards underneath trying to help it out, but it just doesn’t read level no matter what we do. Also, a rear jack doesn’t seem to extend at all and in order to operate the slides – we kinda need a level coach. We did buy some Fluid Film as we heard it’s like WD40 on steroids, but the problem seems to be a bit beyond a spray can. So the first trip in RV is going to be to a shop most likely instead of a park. Ah well.

Yesterday was my year anniversary of breaking my leg derby style. I had the brilliant idea of a great way to get in shape – roller derby! Lots of work, exercise, competitive – oh, and I get to hit girls. My kind of work out. 🙂 What happened in a nutshell: Tricia likes derby, buys new skates. First time Tricia puts on speed skates with no ankle support Tricia breaks leg. Tricia goes to hospital and has a doctor that looks like a cross between McDreamy & McSteamy. Tricia is told not only did she break her leg badly, she has severe tissue damage. Tricia has surgery and now sports a foot long sexy scar.  Tricia does not walk for 4 months and finds out Keith is an awesome nurse. Tricia starts to call the doctor McCranky because he continues to not let her walk. Tricia has months of PT. Tricia has another surgery. Tricia swells.

Okay – enough of me in the 3rd person but that was my life last year, although with a lot more swearing and better drugs. The good news is, last week I finally was able to join a gym and start working out again. The bad news is, my skating & character shoe theatre days may be over. We’ll see – the ankle actually works well even through the scar tissue, its the foot that is still giving me problems. I am very happy that I can walk – and look forward to being more active again. I am also glad that downsizing and living in an RV provides no room for heels that I might keep, but still can’t wear!



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2 responses to “Houston, we have a leveling problem

  • Jerry & Kimberly Peterson

    Thank goodness last year is over for you guys, this year can only be better.

    Flip flops is what I live in all the time. Our interviews for new work begins with, “Am I allowed to wear flip-flops?” A “yes” answer, the interview continues, a “no” answer, the interview is over! No more heels ever again and it did not take a broken leg or surgery to convince me of that. Loving the laid back lifestyle and all the other great things that keep us living the full-time traveling life.

    • geekyexplorers

      That’s what we are thinking too – it can only get better! Flip Flops sound like a wonderful must-have requirement. I know I will definitely trend towards places that allow a relaxed dress code for sure!

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