Hi sellers and the joy of evernote

We think it’s super cool that the sellers of the RV are reading our blog. We shared the link when we picked her up since one of the reasons the sellers were getting rid of the Pace Arrow was they just weren’t using her enough. The last post I ran through some of the issues we were encountering and they were nice enough to drop a line. The black tank is not completely full of nasty, but rather water & chemicals to reduce the stink. (waste still creeps me out regardless) The other items were just mentioned because, well we found them – the big thing we are concerned with is some of the lights not working at all. We have her plugged into power in the pole barn, but we aren’t completely sure if it is enough to feed the power to all lights. A lot of this is a learning experience so Mark & Lisa, when we complain about something, please don’t take it to heart – I am going to chalk 99% of it to newbie ignorance and/or the joys of owing a 7 year old RV. 🙂

Still in the planning and researching phase of our trips and I am using a free tool that I am growing to like. Evernote is an app that works like a big brain dump – that is searchable. I use several different browsers and bookmarking site just isn’t cutting it any longer. When I want to return to a site, I can’t remember in what browser I was in and to open all three is time consuming. Plus, I was never good at organizing my links to begin with. So it’s becoming a great repository of links and notes. One of the things Keith & I like the best is the ability to share notes back & forth. No more emailing a link – we just sync up evernote.

Not much else is happening in our RV life except we both look longingly at it – Keith when he goes to work and myself at lunch. This weekend we hope to have warm enough weather to calibrate the levels, and continue the quest to organize!


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