My Head Hurts

For those who are waiting for the pictures of inside – I will be posting those later on when the Superbowl commercials start repeating and stop being funny. Need to upload them & scrunch them before posting so it takes a little bit. But first, why my head hurts. Simple really – we weighed the motorhome today and it leaves us about 720 pounds of stuff we can pack without going over the recommended weight. That also didn’t include me, the dog, or the cats and we are not sure about how towing the Jeep will affect the number. I knew we were going to have some challenges but WOW. Not even sure how this is going to work. I started weighing kitchen items and some of the stuff is ridiculously heavy! I swore I wouldn’t weigh everything that went out the door, but we may just have to. I am still of the mindset that I don’t want to go to all plastic – after all, this won’t be ‘camping’ but ‘living’ and plastic is high on my hate list.

There are a few things we can do to help lighten the load – there are 3 tv’s in the coach, and all of them are old school tube tv’s. We have never had a tv in the bedroom so that can go, and the one in the storage bay is smaller than my laptop screen(but probably weighs 20 times more) so that can get ditched. The large tv above the nav area is going to be a handful to get down, but we already decided we will want to swap that one out. The sellers included an outdoor kitchen that weighs a ton, so we will have to really evaluate that & see if it makes sense to use. Any other suggestions are much appreciated!

Let’s see, we also found out that 3 windows shades do not work (we only were aware of 1), a hydraulic leveler is leaking oil, coach will not level (however, we are still attempting to level on an uneven pole barn floor, we will see what happens on pavement), the sprayer for the toilet doesn’t seem to work, some of the lights are flaky & the fluorescent don’t work in colder temperatures. Also, we found the coach had a ‘mysterious’ electrical outage and nothing seem to run last night – including the heat.

On the plus side, as I started to move some stuff into the RV – besides the weight concerns – I think the kitchen will work out well and fit everything we want. I am still up in the air on how to fit the spices however. Last night we bought some great pillows to bring in a splash of color – the RV was looking a bit too…stock for us. We also think two of our lightweight side tables we already have will work, especially because they break down for travel if needed.

I also survived the first trip in the passenger seat and barely made a peep. Keith thinks it was because I was in shock with how little weight we have to work with, but I was also fairly comfortable with his driving. There – it’s in writing. 🙂 Ok – time to work on the photos!




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One response to “My Head Hurts

  • Candace

    #1 – You ARE Escapees members, right? It’s a lot easier (and cheaper) to learn by reading experienced RVers’ posts than trial-by fire. #2 You DID get an independent rating from before you selected the RV brand & model, right? #3-you did have a certified RV inspector check it out before making an offer, right?

    If all the above are “YES!” then welcome to the ever-changing world of RVing. Flexibility is the key to enjoying the entire process. Remember, its not the destination, it’s the journey.

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