So much for a relaxing evening writing a post…

As you may be able to tell, we are total RV newbies. Our parents both dabbled, but it’s different when you are the clueless kid along for the ride – no need to worry much about maintenance or such silly things like pipes freezing. When we picked the RV up and got it home, we checked and saw the propane was at 1/4 of a tank. The weather here in Georgia has been ridiculously cold (ha – ha this coming from a former upstate NYer) and we had hoped that the propane would at least get us through until the weekend. Not so much. This evenings festivities were trying to hit a bunch of retail stores to find an electric heater, and to our dismay, found that they have all been sold out for some time because it is so cold down here. What stinks is as we downsize, we have been selling or donating items we no longer need and – you got it – an electric heater was one of those items. So thanks to the iRV2 forum suggestions, we have set up work lights and we are hoping for the best until we can fill the propane tank.

The drive home was a long one, but went rather smoothly. I was a bundle of nerves, Keith was relatively calm. If you have ever seen Finding Nemo and thought the interaction between Marlin and Dory was hysterical, we rather resemble that pair. Keith is a total Dory..just keeping swimming, just keep swimming – WAIT what was I doing? Oh yes, swimming…wheeee! I on the other hand, a total type A worrier. We are quite a match, but actually manage to balance each other out pretty well.

So, I am following in the Jeep and notice that Keith keeps kissing the white line. I thought a few times he was going to take out a mailbox or two, then a car, then a tree – couldn’t call him because we didn’t have cell service for most of the trip and in retrospect – it was probably good he was able to do the first drive without hearing me gasp for breath repeatedly. 😉

One of the best things about the trip was he was able to drive on just about every road out there, all in the same day. Nothing like plunging in head first. He drove down a dirt road, then to a very rough one & a half lane road – through small towns with some tight turns, to some divided highways, small bridges, interstate freeway with traffic, construction on said interstate with traffic, two lanes with logging trucks and semi’s flying past, grades where he now realized why people like pushers, and the final path down our twisty driveway.

The construction area was the worst driving behind him. He said for him it was the logging trucks going by. All in all, I must say again that for being a usual Dory while driving (Me: Keith, please keep swimming in a lane, preferably the correct one…) he did a fabulous job. Hopefully I can keep my dramatic intakes of breath under control the first time I ride with him. 😉


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3 responses to “So much for a relaxing evening writing a post…

  • Veronica

    SO when you decide to name “her” you should go with something from Finding Nemo, maybe even Dory since she will be like Dory plunging ahead no matter what! LOL! Did Keith tell you whether or not he had his eyes open while driving? So glad you couldn’t call him, I don’t think he could have handled the distraction while driving.

    • geekyexplorers

      Good idea! She kinda looks like an anime character to us right now, but I am sure there are some special sea creatures that would fit the bill. 🙂 I would be afraid to name her Dory – we might not ever get where we want (which would be cool on a sometimes basis…but not every day) lol

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