How to make more waiting interesting to read about…

…is tough. So I haven’t really written about how we are STILL waiting to find out if the check cleared the sellers account, because what is really exciting about that? The check was sent out Thursday, and should have arrived Friday – I can totally understand why the sellers want to wait until they see a zero balance before handing the motorhome over, but this waiting is KILLING us. A few days ago we wandered through Walmart and picked up a few things for our new rig – a new Corelle dish set, a stowable strainer, a small garbage can that has a lid & a cleanable insert. Exciting stuff I know. We are also trying to figure out what we want to do about a rug, potentially curtains and a mountain of other things but we need to measure. And to measure, we need the RV. And to get the RV, we need the check to clear.  And there you have it.

Oh what timing…Keith’s phone just rang. The sellers have indicated no zero balance so they want to call the bank…which means Monday. boo. Guess we’ll be taking a vacation day sometime this week to get it!

It was a beautiful day here in Georgia so we decided to geocache. Then we remembered we haven’t geocached in over a year since I broke my leg & had a few surgeries…and we have ditched PC’s and transitioned to Macs. Which meant how we used to transfer waypoints didn’t work and we didn’t want to waste a beautiful day figuring it out (and hand entering…is painful!) So we abandoned that idea and decided to just take Samantha and drive around. I got Keith hooked on WAZE, so we blazed a few new roads and visited a few parks along West Point Lake. On the Alabama side they have a year-round campground which seems like a perfect close weekend getaway as one of our smaller shakedown trips.

Here’s to more waiting…


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