The Project Plan is in Motion Thanks to Tom

I mentioned previously we were going to try and find a free online project planning tool to help us along in our aggressive plan to be fulltime ready by 12/2011. I hinted that we might use google sites but found that it wasn’t really what we were looking for. I am a very visual planner, as is Keith so we really wanted to see where we were at, ensure dependencies were noted and met, and use a simple format that allowed color coding. Oh, and we really wanted it to be free.

Introducing Tom’s Planner, which utilizes Gantt charts and easy drag and drop functionality to get you organized. We just starting inputting tasks today but already like the simplicity of the tool. Our hope is to be able to publish where we are at on this blog, but that is research for another day. Less than five minutes in the half Jets-Steelers and it’s time to pay close attention to see who is playing the Packers in the Superbowl.

Nothing like project planning in between watching football!


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