The South (sorta) Thaws…

and the bank reopens! Got an unexpected call from the bank today. With the weather, it was expected that the Alpharetta office would be closed the entire week which was delaying our purchase. Not much you can do, but it was still disappointing. Keith was especially hoping we could pick up the RV this weekend (he is like a little kid at Christmas right now!) Good news – we were able to get the information we need to give to the sellers regarding the payoff, and our loan officer has the paperwork she needs with the exception of the proof of insurance. (which we will fax tomorrow – can’t email it. really b of a?) Bad news – we probably won’t be picking it up this weekend. That’s ok, we will fill the time with a road trip to Atlanta to start browsing any and all camping and organizational stores around. As soon as the ink is dry, I can’t WAIT to tell you all about her!


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One response to “The South (sorta) Thaws…

  • Candace

    You are going to have a WONDERFUL time. B4 you launch, we have a couple recommendations:(1) join Escapees if you are not already members (2) if you like FUN stuff, check out I just got my cups yesterday and can’t wait to share them with other RVers ! Tell Karen we said Hey ! ya’ll !

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