Test Drive

So, perhaps you saw our twitter post. We made another 3 hour one way trip to test drive the motorhome and to make sure everything works. Got air? yep. Got heat? yep. Got panic attacks about how everything will fit? yep. yep. yep. 🙂

On the way back we made a slight detour to Kolomoki Mounds State Park. This is very much what we hope to do when we are traveling. Sure, we will want to hit some of the ‘big’ spots and attractions, but going to smaller places and beating the crowds also works for us. This is a fairly small state park, and it was a colder windy day and I didn’t bring the right shoes so we didn’t walk nearly as much as we might of. (Hey – first plug for why a MH will rock – I will always have all of my shoes!) The park showcased…mounds of dirt.

One was quiet impressive and we hoofed it up to the top. I have to say, this is what I love about America and traveling. We have a state park for some random mounds of dirt that served as temples eons ago and we get to visit it.

So we will not see our motorhome until we pick it up and then expect the posts & pictures to flow. Tomorrow is reaching the bank and getting the ball rolling. Today we made a list of what we “NEED” from the kitchen and in the process I found more to donate to Salvation Army. Making lists could be highly beneficial!


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