Driveway is Ready for the Rig

The place we are renting here is beyond awesome. It’s a 100 acre Animal Planet complete with ponds. Lucky for us it also has a pole barn, which will be a great to keep the RV under cover while it is here. The bad thing? The long and winding road to get to the house. While we wait for the RV to get fixed up, financing to get settled, etc..etc.. We decided we would at least do SOMETHING to get ready. Since this will be our first RV, we are a tad freaked at the sheer size of the thing. According to the specs, it’s 12.5 feet tall and 102 inches wide.  That’s HUGE Rochester. (sorry, horrible commercial from my hometown that sticks with ya) The excitement for tonight was to grab our pruner that extends a million feet and walk the length of the driveway doing a little clean up.  All in all, not as bad as we thought and one more thing we can check off our list. Now the real question is will we find a way to carry the pruner in case trees at a site are threatening to scrape and scratch our RV. Has anyone else had problems with this?

Speaking of lists, we are still trying to figure out how complicated we want to make our project plan. I researched a few open source project management products, but the setup tends to be a bit steep and since we want to be ready to go in less than 329 days, I am not sure how much time we want to devout to product research. I am testing out a google site that is supposed to be good for collaboration, yet not as full fledged crazy as PM software. We want to keep track of how we do, but also to potentially show readers of this blog what we did to prepare for a life on the road. We have appreciated items like budgets that others have put out there, so might as well plan to share some of our stuff as well.


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