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How to make more waiting interesting to read about…

…is tough. So I haven’t really written about how we are STILL waiting to find out if the check cleared the sellers account, because what is really exciting about that? The check was sent out Thursday, and should have arrived Friday – I can totally understand why the sellers want to wait until they see a zero balance before handing the motorhome over, but this waiting is KILLING us. A few days ago we wandered through Walmart and picked up a few things for our new rig – a new Corelle dish set, a stowable strainer, a small garbage can that has a lid & a cleanable insert. Exciting stuff I know. We are also trying to figure out what we want to do about a rug, potentially curtains and a mountain of other things but we need to measure. And to measure, we need the RV. And to get the RV, we need the check to clear.  And there you have it.

Oh what timing…Keith’s phone just rang. The sellers have indicated no zero balance so they want to call the bank…which means Monday. boo. Guess we’ll be taking a vacation day sometime this week to get it!

It was a beautiful day here in Georgia so we decided to geocache. Then we remembered we haven’t geocached in over a year since I broke my leg & had a few surgeries…and we have ditched PC’s and transitioned to Macs. Which meant how we used to transfer waypoints didn’t work and we didn’t want to waste a beautiful day figuring it out (and hand entering…is painful!) So we abandoned that idea and decided to just take Samantha and drive around. I got Keith hooked on WAZE, so we blazed a few new roads and visited a few parks along West Point Lake. On the Alabama side they have a year-round campground which seems like a perfect close weekend getaway as one of our smaller shakedown trips.

Here’s to more waiting…


The Project Plan is in Motion Thanks to Tom

I mentioned previously we were going to try and find a free online project planning tool to help us along in our aggressive plan to be fulltime ready by 12/2011. I hinted that we might use google sites but found that it wasn’t really what we were looking for. I am a very visual planner, as is Keith so we really wanted to see where we were at, ensure dependencies were noted and met, and use a simple format that allowed color coding. Oh, and we really wanted it to be free.

Introducing Tom’s Planner, which utilizes Gantt charts and easy drag and drop functionality to get you organized. We just starting inputting tasks today but already like the simplicity of the tool. Our hope is to be able to publish where we are at on this blog, but that is research for another day. Less than five minutes in the half Jets-Steelers and it’s time to pay close attention to see who is playing the Packers in the Superbowl.

Nothing like project planning in between watching football! is filling the time…

..until we get the paperwork. So, on the RV front, things are progressing albeit rather slowly. We are waiting on the payment that the sellers sent to hit the account before our loan will get processed. Then it needs to be signed, mailed, forwarded, signed, remailed – well, you get the drift. We are hoping that by next weekend we will be able to pick up the motorhome but that remains to be seen. All we can do is be glad the transaction is at least moving in the right direction.

So, we will focus on other things. Like clearing out stuff. We donated 4 more boxes and a floor lamp to Goodwill and dropped off another two boxes of books to charity. Once the weather warms up we will start tackling tools and such, but getting rid of excess in the house is going rather well.

Our music collection is one thing that will remain consistently updated. There is so much out there to listen to that I can’t imagine ever uttering the words ‘No more music’. While acquiring physical CD’s will probably stop once we move into the RV, we are still about 10 months out. So I started searching for how to keep your collection small, but still find new tunes.  I found a great site in

It works like this: You enter the ISBN of a CD (or book, or video game) you have that you wish to swap. If someone else wants that CD, it will let you know and display what they are willing to swap for. It’s like a pretty cool virtual garage sale for media. The cost is low (.50 to $1) for each transaction and then media shipping which you can print right from the site. You shouldn’t even have to go to the post office. So – it will cost you about $4.00 for each CD you want to swap — that is about the same price, if not cheaper, than used CD stores.

Our nearest used CD store is in Atlanta, which is about an hour & 1/2 trek. Last weekend we did drop some CD’s off at Decatur CD because we do enjoy supporting local shops. However, when your ‘local shop’ is a road trip (and you need to make another one to pick up the CD’s that the store wasn’t interested in), is a great alternative. I initiated my first two swaps today – we will see how this goes! We will still end up with a bunch to donate to the local library, but that’s ok!

Still Waiting…

and this waiting is rather painful I must say. We are both SOOO excited to start this adventure that we want the RV NOW, like yesterday even. 😉 We are now waiting on the sellers as they have requested to speak to the bank. Hopefully it is something simple and not something that will further delay or derail this purchase. Our rate is only good for 30 days and we are already insuring something we don’t yet own. Sigh. Patience, grasshopper and all that.

This weekend we took a few trips to satisfy our antsy start to RVing. We went to a Camping World in Anniston Alabama, which is about an hour & a half drive. It was a nice sunny day, although still wicked chilly for the south. We brought Samantha and loved that we could bring her into the store. Funny side note. When we come back from places, Samantha always sniffs us and acts like we have had the BIGGEST MOST EXCITING TRIP EVER. She doesn’t realize how boring most of our ‘trips’ are. She was still a great dog in the store, but kept looking at us like, really – is this all we are going to do? Walk up & down aisles of stuff that smells like plastic?

On the way back we drove down some of the scenic road in Talladega National Forest. There were some beautiful winter views and we hope to get back this way to camp during our shake down period.

The next day we decided to drive to Atlanta – we sold our elliptical, dropped off a bunch of CD’s to sell and then just generally wandered through The Container Store, Ikea and REI making lists in our head of what might work, or might not work in our new lifestyle. While we have a tremendous amount of stuff that will transfer just fine to on-the-road living, we have never had to make excellent use of every last bit of space. Most of our purchases will center around organization (and of course a little decorating as well!)

So, still no announcement on the rig and we are rather bummed about that. But we do hope soon!


The South (sorta) Thaws…

and the bank reopens! Got an unexpected call from the bank today. With the weather, it was expected that the Alpharetta office would be closed the entire week which was delaying our purchase. Not much you can do, but it was still disappointing. Keith was especially hoping we could pick up the RV this weekend (he is like a little kid at Christmas right now!) Good news – we were able to get the information we need to give to the sellers regarding the payoff, and our loan officer has the paperwork she needs with the exception of the proof of insurance. (which we will fax tomorrow – can’t email it. really b of a?) Bad news – we probably won’t be picking it up this weekend. That’s ok, we will fill the time with a road trip to Atlanta to start browsing any and all camping and organizational stores around. As soon as the ink is dry, I can’t WAIT to tell you all about her!